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Feb 8, 2018

The 65th Annual James C. Kimbrough Urological Seminar
January 10-14, 2018; Scottsdale, Arizona
Hosted by the Society of Government Service Urologists (SGSU)

COL Inger L. Rosner, MC, USA, Director of the Center for Prostate Disease Research (CPDR) was among highlighted guest speakers at this year’s James C. Kimbrough Urological Seminar. Her presentation was selected for the annual Lecture in Memory of Jean Fourcroy, MD, PhD, MPH-- a pioneer in mentoring women in medicine as well as the founder of the Society of Women in Urology in 1980. Dr. Rosner provided a detailed update of the CPDR programmatic focus and achievements from 2016-2017.

This meeting also highlighted the work of two Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) Urology Residents: MAJ Dante Bowie, MC, USA and CPT Thomas Gerald, MC, USA, who each completed a six month research rotation at CPDR in 2017, under mentorship of Dr. Jennifer Cullen, Director of Epidemiology Research Program at the CPDR.

Dr. Bowie’s presentation “Racial Comparison of Patient Satisfaction with Medical Care for Prostate Cancer Patients Enrolled in a Treatment Decision-making Study” demonstrated equivalent and high levels of patient satisfaction with medical care across race, for prostate cancer patients enrolled in a clinical treatment decision making study at WRNMMC.

Dr. Gerald’s presentation “PSA Screening History and Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness” revealed the value of increased PSA screening intensity prior to prostate cancer diagnosis in reducing the likelihood of poor pathological features at time of surgery, as well as reduced rates of disease progression.

The 66th Annual James C. Kimbrough Urological Seminar will be held from January 16-20, 2019 on the Big Island, Hawaii.

About SGSU

The mission of the Society of Government Service Urologists (SGSU) is to represent and educate urologists and related health professionals involved in the government service arena. The SGSU hosts the annual James C. Kimbrough Urological Seminar on a yearly rotating basis and provides a comprehensive update on the full spectrum of urologic diseases, in addition to addressing specific needs of government service urologists, including care of combat-related injuries and practice management in federal health facilities.